MAGG is a business consultancy firm specialising in Mergers & Acquisitions, Commercial Due Diligence, Data Room Readiness, Financial Advisory and Executive Training.

For Investors:
MAGG assists Private Equity Directors and Acquiring Company Senior Executives in their critical decisions when acquiring a business, entering new markets, improving business models and training portfolio executives and mid-level managers. MAGG evaluates acquisition targets and their commercial viability to help client choose among strategic alternative that best suites in terms of Cash Flow, Financial Leverage, and Operational improvements.
For Prospects:
MAGG provides "intensive" training for owners and C-level executives of prospects on the mechanics of Strategic Sale, Equity Finance and Data Room Readiness. MAGG, can further participate in Data Room Readiness works; evaluate strategic alternatives and search for Equity Finance.

MAGG’s approach is based on rigorous focus on research, personal meetings, analysis based on strong investment banking culture and years of training experience. MAGG's aim is to add value by reducing the risk of a transaction through improving the quality of data and related party knowledge and providing clear conclusions.

MAGG believes that commercial value drivers are;
  • The dynamics of markets
  • The competitive environments
  • The customer base
  • The knowledge level
MAGG targets financial services, insurance, automotive parts, agricultural machinery, logistics, technology, healthcare, consumer goods and services.

MAGG team commands strong general management, consulting, finance, technology, operations, training and negotiation skills.